Cie Factory Tour

The brand is not new to me as I encountered it when I browsed the Ecommerce platform Taobao, and looked into its style when I prepare the list RTW Map China. The remark I gave this brand is AN ABLE COPYCAT. Why? Because any signature model from reputable brands can be found in its offerings.


恐怕很多人不太熟悉这个名字,但是他在制鞋方面的经历,在国内鞋匠中,算是非常正统高端的了,Stefano Bemer工作室学员,回国以后,做全定制的鞋子,后来,做了自己的成鞋品牌Badia。 我和大家一样好奇这位低调的鞋匠,以及他的成鞋品牌Badia的理念,有幸对他进行了专访。 Post Views: 415