Unboxing Basil from Silvano Lattanzi

King shoe of the universe. If you have a little interest in dress shoes, even very little, you at least heard of this brand. The reason is so simple and to the ground, its retail price starts from 8000 USD! When we thought John Lobb, Edward Green and Gaziano & Girling are the most expensive

Unboxing Wholecut Shell Cordovan Oxford from Meermin

Meermin has great popularity globally as a Spanish brand made in China, everyone recognizes Meermin as one of the best value brands in the market. The shoes are actually made in Shanghai, China, the “HANDCRAFTED IN SHANGHAI” can be found on lining of tongue. In recent two years, Meermin have not been satisfied with being

My Shoe Collection, Elgar from Mattina

This pair has been profiled in the unboxing, model Elgar is the best seller from Mattina, and the most conservative cap toe oxford. The N last is a square round toe which ages great. Ages? Yes. The first sight seems too blunt, but it gets more and more appreciation. Post Views: 1,225


Norman Vilalta 合理价位:950美元 这个算是西班牙的顶线。 创始人Norman是阿根廷人,31岁的时候(2002年)觉得做皮鞋才是自己的激情所在,于是搬到了意大利佛罗伦萨,在Stefano Bemer当学徒。学徒结束了以后,安家西班牙巴塞罗那,开始定制业务。不久,希望更多人能够穿上自己精美的皮鞋,于是开始了成鞋线。目前已知,应该是自己的工厂,不是找人代工。 Post Views: 1,526