My Shoe Collection, Piccadilly from Church’s

Berluti and Church’s, two most successful dress shoe brands in the world, one backed by LVMH, the other Prada. Church’s even wins due to its much broader female customer base. Last year, Church’s price surged pretty much, which drew a lot of curses from classic menswear community. I don’t think Church’s care about this tiny

My Shoe Collection, Cadogan from Edward Green

I love Edward Green very much for two reasons. One is the last is maybe the most conservative in today’s market, and the round toes are my favorite. The other is focus. In my summary of focus ranke of dress shoe brands, most brands offer belt, bags even sneakers. After so many years operation, only

My Shoe Collection, Stapleford from Bowen

Bowen shoes are not so well known outside of France while it offers great shoes as they are made by Alfred Sargent. I think this is very strange that French brand is actually made in England. Yes I know most French brands are not made in France as only the top level ones do, such

My Shoe Collection, Elgar from Mattina

This pair has been profiled in the unboxing, model Elgar is the best seller from Mattina, and the most conservative cap toe oxford. The N last is a square round toe which ages great. Ages? Yes. The first sight seems too blunt, but it gets more and more appreciation. Post Views: 1,225

My Shoe Collection, John Lobb St. James

The pinnacle in bespoke shoemaker even it is not so relevant as it was, not the only servant to Royal family or other powerful figures in the world, not the best or most beautiful shoes producer, John Lobb St. James occupies the highest position in this community with very little complain. When many people entered

My Shoe Collection, Pembrey from Church’s

Every time when the community talks about Church’s, the words are quite intense. Every time I glance at some forums especially made of very experienced connoisseur, Church’s are highly praised, but only for its shoes long time ago. It is so interesting that a same brand can have two extreme comments and both valid. I

My Shoe Collection, George Cleverley Bespoke

The same as the most famous bespoke shoemakers in West end London, speaking of current popularity and exposure, George Cleverley wins for a hundred miles. John Lobb St. James is very low key but the undeniable king, never begs for orders. George Cleverley sharpens its head to cut into Hollywood, in the whole series of