An Interview with Alexander Nurulaeff

I don’t remember whether it was Berluti that brought me into the world of patina, or Carlos Santos pushes this art to more novice shoe lovers, or “Hancore” offers the very impressive Star Sky patina, there is one patina artist active on many platforms inlcuding Instagram, Tumblr and Vimeo who is absolutely the highest level,


作为目前中欧市场占有率非常高的bespoke鞋履品牌,Maftei在奥地利和德国有非常多的客户,很多西欧或者亚洲的客户,都是到了当地才了解到这个品牌,然后将名声一点点地传来出来。 因为他服务的市场和人群,Maftei的鞋子,从根源上说,保留了传统的奥匈制鞋的味道,坚固,耐用,粗犷。 Post Views: 116