My Shoe Collection, Elgar from Mattina

This pair has been profiled in the unboxing, model Elgar is the best seller from Mattina, and the most conservative cap toe oxford. The N last is a square round toe which ages great. Ages? Yes. The first sight seems too blunt, but it gets more and more appreciation.

This pair has been unboxed and its design and details were both reviewed, after wears, I can tell more about the fit and comfort and check its leather quality. In addition, I can share the unnoticed details when unboxing.


The strongest feeling I have on this pair of shoes is that I love them more and more and it gets more and more beautiful.

When I shopped the shoes, there are round toe C last and square toe N last to choose from. I am a fan of round toes for years, but due to the wider body of the shoes, the theoretically normal round toe seems too sharp, I had to step back and chose the N last.

Compromise becomes a surprise.

Other enthusiasts comment this pair is very English and elegant, but I didn’t feel that till later.

The small interesting detail on this most classic, conservative and boring cap toe oxford is the quarter is “higher” than normal.

In unboxing, I noticed there is something unusual there, but I cannot elaborate how. After comparing with other shoes, I finally got it the the quarter has two layers! Marvelous design!

Sole edge was rounded to great level, I think as machine made Goodyear shoes, Mattina is really good, especially at the price 2000 RMB.


My judgement about leather mostly rests on aesthetics but with theory backed up.

First, the finer the creases are, the younger the calf. I know it sounds very cruel, but it makes the leather rarer and more expensive.

Secondly, the thicker the coating is, more suspicious the leather quality is.

Back to this pair, the creases are quite fine but the coating is very prominent of which the final touch of the leather is not so impressive.

Fit and Comfort

This section is the treasure of this article, be focused.

The profile tells how high the instep is. Mattina’s lasts all fit to Chinese feet.

For me, it is not about good or bad, but lasts must be the first point to consider when buying shoes. It is much more important than the model as it makes your feet happy.

This picture is not to check the leather quality, but the direction of the crease. It is 30 degree angled, it means it is too roomy in the forefoot for my feet. As it is too wide for me, in short, we can say the shoes are big to me.

I am a standard UK5 with width E, converted to Chinese size, 39. But in the description of Mattina, UK5 equals to their 38, so I chose 38.

If I chose the right size, why it is too big?

Because Mattina’s width fit most Chinese, and I have narrower feet than most.

Some may think the roomy means comfortable, however, the foot will sneak in time and time again when you walk, the toe was crashed and the heel cannot hold.

I tried its other lasts, such as H last, the width is almost the same.

I am saying this is good or bad, just about your own feet, and it is an important reminder.

Leather Sole

The two colours design is good at he black area is well preserved.

Mattina uses veg tanned leather sole from Italy, and the anti-abrasion is average.

The heel rubber worn too quickly and not impressive. But Mattina has teamed up with the best rubber sole supplier in the world, Vibram to develop a heel top called Mattina. I believe the wear will be highly improved.


I know I made some criticism above, however I insist that Mattina is the most well established Chinese shoemaker on par with Crockett & Jones.

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  1. 我也觉得这双好看。皮质,看图的感觉和CJ普线差不多。鞋面的比例和设计,反正你这双体现上,是完美的。鞋舌那块用了一块皮加厚,而不是常见的假缝线,这个其实是用心了:你可以看看一些稍微低端一点的西班牙鞋子,穿过几次后鞋舌部分常常就是泄得厉害,没型得让人作呕。加了这块皮,最起码你穿后看上去鞋舌部分还是趾高气昂的。当然,选优等的皮料的内里,是不需要用这块额外的皮的。

    1. 这个用心了我还是承认的,但不算好看。

  2. 我的那一双也是N楦,我随机比对了其它圆头的鞋子,发现mattina比我别的鞋子还要短,也没有比较宽。然而就是不跟脚

    1. 它这个短,是我蛮喜欢的。全世界现在都非常接受意大利的Elongated Toe,但我完全不喜欢。

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