Button Boots in Ready To Wear

Button boots are very rare even in most enthusiastic aficionados’ shoe collection, however they are the super iconic modes for Victorian era.

They are seldom requested as a bespoke project, but in Ready To Wear field, only a few brands offer button boots.


I have no idea where Justin got this inspiration, while he clearly incorporated colour clash from Stefano Bemer where he studied bespoke shoemaking.

J.Fitzpatrick Grandview

What makes J.Fitzpatrick button boots most special is Museum calf combined with various leathers or even fabrics like Tweed or denim.

Its cooperation with the patina artist HANCORE is impressive as well.

Enzo Bonafe

Italian shoemakers never are famous for button boots, and among nearly hundreds of brands from Italy, Enzo Bonafe is the only one who stands out for this model. Although they are in MTO options only, however it was already remarkable at the time.

Enzo Bonafe always stick to very classic and conservative design and their button boots are not exceptions.


Aubercy actually stands as alongside with Berluti and Corthay in France, ABC for short as the top three French shoe brands.

Its lasts present razor sharp lines, combined with candy-like patina, artful masterpiece for sure.

Button boots from Aubercy can be called the most original, because its elongated toe shape echoes Victorian era the most.

Kanpekina aka Perfetto

A very elusive brand from Japan, maybe many Japanese shoe lovers know this brand, however its business always goes up and down.

Not sure whether Perfetto is the only Japanese shoemaker to offer button boots, and it doesn’t matter, because its design shines even at the world level.

Button Boot Greatness - And the Brands that Make Them!

Heavy grained leather clashes with horse fur, how daring!


This model is not for heart fainted men, and pairing with normal dress pants only impede its flair, go bold!

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