A New Goodyear Welt Shoe Brand on Taobao

When I glanced Taobao, a pair of shoes were recommended to me.

The price is 489 RMB, as a pair of Goodyear welted shoes, that is too good!

I clicked to see more details and saw Vibram rubber sole! Oh my god!

I contacted the shopkeeper and knew the factory was in my hometown, Wuhan. She told me that this factory had been making private labels for Japanese customers for years. During Covid 19 pandemic, these customers withdrew a lot of orders and she had no choice but sell directly online. There is no brand for its shoes, and the factory named Fangdaren Shoe Industry.

I checked her other shoe models.

This pair clearly copies Chambord from Paraboot. I feel the product is not well rounded. Opening is quite unstructured. Colour of welt stitches are not in harmony with upper colour.

This penny loafer copies Alden and attaches Crepe sole, not a bad idea. But upper and lining leathers are not very good, logo is not exquisite as well.

I know the transition from a factory to a brand is not easy and Fangdaren is capable of making sure but not so good at marketing and product refinement.

Anyway, if someone feel value is they care most, this price cannot be beaten.