An Interview with Yusuke Oishi, Founder of RYAMAR

Japan may consume most dress shoes annually in the world, almost every shoe brand you know in the market cannot miss Japan. In Japan, bespoke shoemakers are numerous and all top level, besides, Ready to Wear brands are countless as well.

RAYMAR is the latest creation with unbeatable value.

It is a great honour to talk with Yusuke Oishi, the founder of RAYMAR and know his story and concept.


You look very young, would you like to introduce yourself

I am 29 years old now. I grew up in a small town called Yaizu City in Shizuoka Prefecture from my childhood.

When did you begin loving shoes?

Since I was a kid, I loved sneakers and guitar, and became an adult and became interested in leather shoes.

When I (Yusuke Oishi) was a new employee, the department I was assigned to was the Sales Department.
We did business on both rainy and windy days. As a result, I have a memory that my shoes were damaged and I bought a lot of new ones. It was a high expense for me. I searched various ways to find “cheap, durable, high quality” shoes.

There are so many great Japanese shoe brands, which one is your favorite?

My respect shoes brands is 「SCOTCH GRAIN / HIRO YANAGIMACHI / SPIGOLA」

Hiro Yanamachi

Every high end shoe brand is present in Japan market, which one is your favorite?

我超爱SI like STEFANO BEMER and Vass shoes !

Stefano Bemer

With so many choices for Japanese customers, why do you think of introducing RAYMAR?

Because good shoes are too expensive! Only Few people can buy shoes over 100,000 yen and most people can’t. I saw a lot of people who couldn’t buy good shoes, and I was too. So I wanted to help those people.

Goodyear Welt shoes are all expensive. There was no such perfect shoe. I learned shoes, and our brand “RAYMAR” has started.

My commitment is that “even if you keep the price down, you don’t lose quality.” And [Handthorn Welt Manufacturing Method] [Goodyear Welt Manufacturing Method] These two manufacturing methods and materials.

We are particular about “leather” such as overseas leather (Italy etc.), leather sole, leather insole.

Many say that you should sell at a higher price.

However, I want to deliver our RAYMAR Shoes that with the support of many people for many people  

So I sell our shoes at a price that everyone can buy.

Why choose the name RAYMAR?

The name RAYMAR was created from the names of people who cooperated and our company name.

What makes RAYMAR special and so popular since the very beginning?

Maybe I have a lot of communication with my customers. And I’m seriously facing the customer.
I always work with the feeling of the customer

And I would like to convey “what are good shoes”, “joy of having good shoes”, “leather shoes that you can easily try”, and “joy of making”.

Shoes are not consumables. If you know it carefully, you can wear it for years and decades.

Well loved RAYMAR

And I want to make many people smile through RAYMAR, and I am working on shoes every day.

Could introduce your team in RAYMAR?

Me, the president, and two employees! 4 people in total.

How do you describe lasts and pattern designs of RAYMAR?

The waist of the last is thin.

Handwelted collection

And the heel cup is made smaller to more comfortable fit.

Cuban Heel

It has a good reputation from customers.

I always think about the design that suits each last.

Is it difficult for a small brand to obtain high quality leathers such as those from d’Annonay or C. F. Stead?

It’s difficult, but there are many ways to buy, so you can buy it!

Which model is your Ace and most popular?

Now , Captoe with Reverso seam.

What is your plan for 2020?

I will do my best so that RAYMAR can be known even in China!

Could you say something to Chinese shoe lovers?

Shoes lovers have no borders! It would be great if many people could understand the charm of RAYMAR!

Someday I want to talk to people who like leather shoes in China!

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