Model Archive – Broken Bird

This is a very unconventional shoe brand from Sweden as its offering is 3D bespoke. The lasts are made inhouse with 3D printing technology and shoes are factory made in Spain.

When a new technology hits the market, different industries try a bit, and dress shoes take a bite.

But the sensation fades too quickly as its focus is not on bespoke, but Ready to wear? What? Using 3D printing to make universal lasts?

If it is for bespoke, I can understand, but Ready to wear?

Shoes are not expensive, around 300 USD, let us check the models.

Derby Full Brogue
Oxford Cap Toe
Oxford Full Brogue


The models are classic and consice, nothing to criticize, and the lasts seem wider than most European brands, does it mean in reality most people don’t fit the current offered shoes?