How to read serial numbers of Carlos Santos

When we check the information of a pair of shoes, lining is where we look at. Different brands have various information put here, some are English words, but mostly serial number.

Today we will find out how to read Carlos Santos’.

This Carlos Santos Double Monk with Cap Toe has three numbers on the lining.

They are separately 6942,1033,8。

6942 is the model number. Although Carlos Santos give names to some models, it seems they still feel numbers are more convenient and not spending time to think of which name suits the model best. It is the common practice among all Spanish brands, and maybe it affects the neighbor.

8 is the size, and Carlos Santos uses UK sizing system.

Then we come to the most tricky number, what does 1033 mean?

In my another article about J.M.Weston lining information interpretation, we discussed it tells a lot of details about the shoes such as sole, leather, colour and construction.

in the meantime Crockett & Jones also presents loads of information while I don’t find any guidance on how to read.

So what is Carlos Santos’ answer for this number? Quite interesting, it is the customer code.

This customer is the who bought this pair of shoes, but the retailer. Mine is 1279.

So whenever I see a shoe with this middle number, I know he is my clinet.

What is the meaning of this information? For today, it is meaningless as maybe nobody cares, but when people from the future wants to dig in shoe history and cultural content, it becomes very interesting.