大多数皮鞋品牌的里衬上,都有这双鞋的绝大部分信息,从尺码,到款式名称或编号,到楦型,再到生产日期,基本都放在这里。但是除了尺码,名称和楦型,其他信息消费者想要解读,几乎不可能。就算是名称,很多也是不写的,或者就来个代码。这个代码其实是工厂用来对应品牌和型号的,他们也没想着给消费者看,但看到了,不懂,总是挠得人心痒痒不是,因为很多大神就自己总结。比如前面看过J.M.Weston的编号如何解读。但这样的信息还是太少,比如Crockett & Jones的那么一长串,就无人可解。 今天,我们再来看一家喜欢用编号的品牌,Alden。 Post Views: 87

An Interview with Kenjiro Kawashima

Kenjiro Kawashima is the third place in 2022 shoemaking championship and many shoe enthusiasts know his name long before this contest as he worked with famed bespoke shoemaker Norman Vilalta for some time. Not many know that a big portion of astonishing and breath taking shoes presented by NormanVilalta was designed by Mr. Kawashima. We

Unboxing Wholecut Shell Cordovan Oxford from Meermin

Meermin has great popularity globally as a Spanish brand made in China, everyone recognizes Meermin as one of the best value brands in the market. The shoes are actually made in Shanghai, China, the “HANDCRAFTED IN SHANGHAI” can be found on lining of tongue. In recent two years, Meermin have not been satisfied with being