Do You Know Eduard Meier?

Which dress shoe brand is most famous from Germany? This question may make a lot of people stunned.

Shoepassion is the king volume wise without a long history though, and its shoes are not made in Germany.

Heinrich Dinckelacker is very well received, especially in Japan, still, the shoes are not made in Germany, but Hungary.

But the one which can stand for German Ready to Wear shoes must be Eduard Meier.

Eduard Meier was founded in 1589, probably the oldest shoe shop in the world and the company is still in the hand of the 13th generation of the family, which is too amazing.

Heel bottom is full rubber which is not to save cost but for functionality.

Edward Meier doesn’t make its shoes, they have long been made by Crockett & Jones, historically, Alden made shoes for Ed Meier as well.

Then what sets Ed Meier apart with Crockett & Jones? The answer is its Peduform last, which you can understand as Banana shape last.

Banana shape last is a common thing in middle Europe as they think it better fit people’s feet. But English as the mainstream does not like the curvy outside, so it is not so popular around the world. But hey, the super classic 202 last from Edward Green is a slight banana last.

Eduard Meier offers four widths, AA, B, D and EE.

There is a premium collection from Eduard Meier, Redtonguepreise, which is made in Romania.

Currently, Eduard Meier is not a shoe shop any longer, but a comprehensive clothing boutique in Munich.

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