Lasts of Rozsnyai

Of the Hungarian shoe brands, the most well-known at the moment is Vass. But from the capital Budapest, there are two other players, Rozsnyai and Buday, which are also very highly rated because they emphasize handcraft and customization.

Sandor Rozsnyai, the current helmsman of the company, told me that their original lasts were full of Eastern European flavors, but in recent years, with the increase of Western European customers, new lasts are alike French pointy ones. These two directions are not what I personally appreciate. However, because of customization, they can completely cooperate to come up with a style that meets my aesthetics while retaining their own style.

Today, let’s look at the lasts.

There are 12 lasts, which is really a lot, but with this chart, you can easily choose your favorite last. Here is a brief interpretation of the lasts with last number from small to large.


The narrowest last, if ordinary feet must choose this, you may have to choose a size larger.


The latest developed last, very adequate space, the instep i high, good for fat feet.


This is the last that French customers want when they enter the store. The others don’t make it to their eyes.


Deliberately longer and wider last with a high instep!


The second most popular last which can be considered a modified version of the 134, the toe is flat and round, and the side of the foot is churned in a little. This is the last that I think I personally like, and a little Italian flavor.


Symmetrical pointed toe last type, it seems that many Italian shoe brands developed the same last type such as Enzo Bonafe.


Compared to last 323, this one has a shorter and rounder toe which is the understated elegant English last. I like it a lot.


The most popular last! It is also the most classic last. To put it bluntly, it is the British last. More suitable for conservative styles like Oxford.


Most pointed last but with generous room for forefoot. But in my eyes, this aesthetic is a torture.


A boot last with pointed toe. Although I feel too slender, aesthetically I can still appreciate it.


A timeless classic in the eyes of Eastern Europeans, suitable for wide and fat feet. This last is only suitable for Budapest style shoes. That is, as shown in the picture of this rugged country style.


A slightly modified Budapest last can be used for common styles


Although you can choose your own last and style and then the leather, color, has been handmade elements, but how to integrate the brand’s own characteristics, is the key.