Model Archive – Corno Blu

In fact Corno Blu is a bespoke shoe brand, and the founder is bespoke shoemaker Seigaku Yutaka (青角丰), he studied shoemaking under Italian master Roberto Ugolini and went back to Japan in 2004 and built Corno Blu.

There are only two people in the workshop, one is Yutaka, the other is the apprentice Kato hiroyuki (加藤裕之).

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Bespoke price is not expensive, on top of that, once your last is made, you can choose machine Goodyear construction which is close to the price of a pair of MTO.

There is not real RTW, only MTO.

Previously Yeossal Singapore retailed and now Bryceland’s Hongkong is the only retailer.

I do my best to collect the models.

Penny Loafer
Preta Porte


Shoes seem very complete and high quality. Hope I can own one pair.