My Shoe Collection A2127 from Lottusse

Lottusse is a shoe factory in Spain with great heritage, the year 1877 under the trademark is not false. In the 90s, Yanko was the super master of Spanish shoemaking, and now Carmina and Meermin under the Pujas family are in full swing. TLB Mallorca is also unstoppable. With some many competitors and newcomers, Lottusse is still alive and prosperous.

Compared to the popular ones, the styles of Lottusse are traditional, not too much following of current trend, and at the same time it does not bother to launch a premium collection to implant higher craftsmanship, which may be the reason for the current tepid state.

After talking nonsense, check my shoes.


An almond last which seems too gentle for this plain toe derby.


Plain Toe derby is a rough style which everyone relates to Alden, especially made of shell cordovan.

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Alden PTB

Profile portraits a thick and silly style.

There are decorative stitches on both sides of the laces to pretend to be Blucher.

The difference between Blucher and Derby was described in a previous article, although in the eyes of most people, both are Derby shoes. Derby’s laces are on leather that extends to the heel, while Blucher reaches the position of this woven pattern. Alden PTB is Blucher.


Goodyear construction. I had two feelings, one is stitch density is at the very least on par with Crockett & Jones, the other is that welt is narrow.

The sole is not Vibram or Dainite, but its own.

You can see the sole stitching is really good. The workmanship of the Spanish shoe factory is satisfactory.


Bookbinder leather has many names such as High Shine and Polished leather.

The essence is that the leather used is not of high quality, so it is sanded, and then the surface is coated with a layer of polyurethane material. The advantage of this skin is two. First, the high sheen is very close to shell cordovan. Second, it is easy to maintain. When it comes to the care of this skin, that brush off dust then wipe with a damp cloth is totally enough. If you want more shine, waxing will do. Oil it? It doesn’t exist as oil can’t go into the skin substrate. There is only one disadvantage, it is not durable. This durability is still compared with the real smooth skin or aniline skin, because plastic (polyurethane) will age and become harder and cracked, then that layer peels off in sheets which is not repairable.

The bookbinder leather of this pair is okay, the coating is not thick, and the grinding is not ruthless. The big waves remind shell cordovan, but the fine creases reveal the truth of cowhide.

Compare it with real shell cordovan.

I have to say that I can score it 85 for similarity. However, durability of shell cordovan is impeccable.


There is nothing wrong with living tepidly like this, and I like their conservative style.