My Shoe Collection, Altan Bottier

Altan Bottier is a French brand which focuses on patina and regarded as one of the pioneers after Berluti invented this skill. As most French middle range brands, Altan bottier does not make shoes, but only patina inhouse, and its shoes are made by Portuguese shoemaker Carlos Santos.

Let us have review of this pair.


I think this last could be the textbook for studying French shoe shape, super elongated.


Five eyelets wholecut oxford, the pattern has nothing special comparing to its daring last.


Dainite studded rubber sole has great function.


Decent Goodyear welted construction and the edge of welt is carved. The strange thing is it is 360 degree welted which is very abnormal for European shoes.


Leather quality is good, but one thing makes me strange is Altan Bottier is famous for its patina however using black boxcalf is pointless to buy this brand, right?


Today, Altan shoes are more recognizable, and patina develops its own style. But this pair is really a no-no for me.