My Shoe Collection, Arca from Corthay

Arca is the most famous model, or maybe we call it series more precisely, offered by French high-end brand Corthay. I believe most people know Corthay from Arca, and everyone who owns Corthay will not spare the chance of owning a pair of Arca.

This is the shoes you never regret buying.

Last and Pattern

Two eyelets derby is not invented by Corthay, but is definitely redefined by Corthay, the most element shoes in the world, even in the history. As a stubborn oxford supporter, I have to admit Arca brings derby to another level, maybe higher than oxford.

But in the well seasoned shoe connoisseurs’ eyes, what makes Corthay is not the pattern, at least not most significantly, but its Pullman last. The most beautiful last drafted in our age. No matter it is the first sight, or the most careful check from all angles, Pullman is a miracle.


Corthay as a French shoemaker, has the best accessibility to great leathers and it does.

Creases are super fine, and I don’t see very prominent coating layer (but it exists).


Fully painted to black sole with great round transition to waist. However the leather sole is too easy to wear and seems not durable at all.

The heel is customized with a special shape of the rubber and a stamped logo in it.


Several thoughts on the welt.

Firstly the thickness of welt and outsole is low which speaks of tenderness and this pair is for dedicate usage.

Then the stitches are dense but not very well executed.

Last the welt is too wide comparing to its stitch density and the thickness.


Craftsmanship wise, Corthay may not be worth its price, but the beauty is priceless.

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