My Shoe Collection, Drome from Paraboot

I had known Paraboot for a long time and regarded it as too casual to include into dress shoes. Gradually, I notice its significance about building a whole new style by itself. Michael, Chambord and Avignon are its most iconic ones, although they have very different styles, each is popularly welcome. My pair is a less know model, Drome, let us have a look.


The last is very French, the feature? Sharp and narrow toe. Ironically, the most popular three models equip no sharp toe at all. Many call narrow and sharp toe ELEGANT which I disagree.


4 eyelets split toe derby.

Norwegese construction, the differentiated element of Paraboot.

Two designs on the pattern. One is the decorative stitches on blucher ears. The other is the ridged split toe which is identical to the apron. This method is just like John Lobb Lopez and the purpose is a coarse and rough touch.


Leather quality is amazing, it is the opposite of roughness.

The leather is very supple and feels thin.


The entry level of Norwegese construction, and it looks quite similar to storm welt.

Thread is thick and stitch density is high.


I am not sure this one is a typical Paraboot or those iconic ones are, but leather quality and construction worth the price.