My Shoe Collection, Full Brogue Oxford from Fratelli Rossetti

This is my second pair of Fratelli Rossetti, and the first pair impressed me very much of its classical beauty. Let us have a check of this pair.


Many people see the Italian style as slim, narrow and elegant. However, this answer is only half true, or on for the style of southern Italy, when it comes to the north, that is, Milan and Rome, it immediately becomes solemn.

For example, Roman clothing brand Brioni, you can see that the style is closer to the UK, and even more emphasis on power. And on dress shoes, the Italians walked more radically than the British. British shoes are traditional and elegant, while Italian shoes from northern brands have wide and flat toes.

As this pair is a very good example.

Silvano Lattanzi is famous for this style as well, however, in recent years, Silvano Lattanzi has become more and more sleek and round.


Black, Wingtip, Full Brogue Oxford.


Close channel Goodyear construction with average density and unfinished welt.


Flat square sole, quite solid.


In my cognition, because Italian mid-range shoe factories are running on volume and quality is very random. Leather has never been their strength, although Italian tanneries are definitely great. Fratelli Rossetti is not at the top, but the leather is actually good.


Although this brand is still alive, it is relatively fading and less discussed. As far as my own two pairs of shoes are concerned, I think it is a quite promising brand if they are made well.