My Shoe Collection, Heschung

French brands are very alike Japanese brands and only focus domestic market, so their reputation does not match their products. I know Berluti and Corthay gained some followings, and Paraboot led its own path even style. But the other peers such as Aubercy, Heschung, Septieme Largeur and Orban’s are still invisible to rest of the world. Except its daring patina, the shoes are well made as well. Heschung may rank a little lower than J.M.Weston and started as a ski shoemaker, so their shoes are very tough and stylish.

Check my pair.


No matter what the pattern and style are, the last is truly French, sharp and narrow.


Split toe apron derby with very unique ghillie lacing. If brogue is related with English country, ghillie French country.

Ghillie is wonderful as it matches any style of shoes perfectly.

Ghillie is formed by add four ears on the ear of derby. The tongue has logo stamped and thick which tells its origin of sporting shoes.

Apron is formed by three parallel threads which gave inspiration to Magnolia from J.FitzPatrick.


The construction is mentioned on sock lining already, Veritable Cousu Norwegian, in another word, Norwegese construction.

Single thread of Norwegese stitches with upper and welt.

Function of Norwegese construction is waterproof, however if the shoes have leather sole, or the upper is full aniline leather, I don’t feel the construction’s function is useful.

So even with Goodyear construction, its function may give way to its aesthetics today, or maybe glamour.

The folded up upper stitched has been trimmed tightly.


Quite fine creases and the coating is not heavy.

But coherence between substrate leather and coating is not quite good after years of wears.

Out Sole

Branded rubber sole.

As the ridge is higher than the other area, stitches are well protected.


Speaking about completion of shoes, I feel French brands may be more competent than its English peers.