My Shoe Collection, J.M.LeGazel

I name this pair Day Starsky.

J.M.LeGazel is a French shoe brand which has mono brand boutiques in Paris and New York. Their shoes are actually made by Portuguese shoemaker Carlos Santos, patina is done inhouse. There is one patina artist who studied here, Greg Park “Hancore” who operates independently now and has cooperation with J.FitzPatrick. Although this brand is not very famous outside of France, but its patina is really top level. Let us have a look.


If you spare the rough outsole and only focus on the upper, it is a French round toe. I plan to resole it with a thin leather sole to complete the fine feeling.


A wholecut oxford sitting on the blunt round last with a super rough rubber sole, but everyone will notice this pair of shoes for one thing, its patina.

Purple and white create a feeling a galaxy and I certainly wear them in the daytime, so it is called Day Skystars.

Looking from faraway, they could be mistaken for a pair of spectators, however the transition is much more rich and artful.

White is invaded by the glamorous purple. Lace area is not black but very dark purple.

The heel reveals the colour was put on by sponge.


Construction of this pair is truly interesting and confusing.

With the flipped up welt, storm welt is guessed.

Look at the sole, stitch colour is different and the density is too distant, why? Because the welt is fake and the stitches are faux, and this pair is actually Blake stitched. Notice how thick this outsole and the ridges, there is no slot to seat the stitches, so the stitches run on and off on the ridges.


Quite frustrating. I love this patina but hate these creases, so I have to drop this pair.


Stamped logo on purple sock lining.

E X1 is one collection of J.M.LeGazel, 4649 is the last, and 5 is the size.

Made in Portugal is the reason I confirm this pair was made by Carlos Santos.


What is the feature of a French last? The widest area of the shoe is more behind than English ones.

Heel cup is too flat to hold my feet.


The patina is undoubtedly a piece of art.