My Shoe Collection, Nettleton

This is another American brand only known in vintage shoe community. In its heyday, Nettleton did not step into the top four brands, and its iconic model was just like every American brand at that time, Longwing. This pair is totally in another direction.


Strong square toe. I have not investigated the history of Nettleton, but I know square toe was popular in 1980s. I am not sure whether this pair is from that era.


This is a pair of loafer, but what kind of loafer, I am cluelss.

Yes, you can find a strap above the tongue, but it does not mean it is a penny loafer.

The metal piece attached on the strap is the logo, this design was and is very common on fashion brands, but not so to classic menswear brands such understatement is the pursuit.

The tongue is quite long and covers most of foot instep. Would it be difficult to put in if the opening is so small?

The answer is the elastic band under shoe tongue. This design is rarely seen these days, but it was quite usual then, and on bespoke shoes.

The other element is there is a purposed seam on the side. Most loafer can be made with one complete leather to form the upper, it is not necessary but a design. To be honest, I don’t know its advantage and disadvantage, both functionally and aesthetically.


The leather quality is top notch. I don’t think we need any description about it.

Out Sole

What is the default leather sole of American brands? Big square flat ones. But we cannot look too early into the history, as you will find the shoes were so exquisite in 1930s as everything was actually following English bespoke shoemaking. Once American built its own standard, such as suits’ best match is longwing, the sole is big square flat.

This pair reminisce the good old days with slightly beveled waist.


Profile view shows there is a welt and outsole, but is it?

When we look at the welt, I cannot find any stitches. They were hidden? Really?

The waist has no stitches as well. The answer is this stunning great shoes are glued! Holy! I am really devastated.


Logo on sock lining worn up.

Information on lining, insole was manmade material, really? Why do I feel it is leather? Size is 6 D.


The construction does not match the wonderful upper leather. I have littered this pair.