My Shoe Collection, Santoni

Santoni cannot be regarded as classic shoe brand any longer as it moves aggressively in high fashion. But for some experienced shoe lovers, Santoni still stands for very good quality shoes. I love reading comments from these forerunners, and generated strong interest with Santoni.

Santoni has two collections admired by shoe enthusiast community, one is Limited Edition, the other is Fatte A Mano. Both have wonderful leather quality and superb craftsmanship, Limited Edition stands even higher than John Lobb Prestige collection talking about skills. My pair was a birthday gift from my wife and I regret so much I choose this one as it is too pointy to me.

Let us have a look.


If I should use positive and glamourous word to describe the last of this pair, it is super elegant and French courteous as it reminds us of the court dress worn by aristocrats. But in plain English and my word, that is elongated and pointy to the point of pointless.

The pattern is very unique and I don’t think you can find another brand making the same model, and this uniqueness lies on every detail, medallion, quarter shape, perforation on the heel. Anything! If we are talking about completeness of a product, Santoni wins for sure, but if we are examining something for its undisputable beauty, I think this one is rubbish.


As the top view tells, and what is most usual in Fatte A Mano collection, this pair is Blake stitched, but the waist is bevelled.

Out Sole

Orange leather sole is signature of Santoni, and edge blackening is done well. The size is marked on the side of waist.


Sock lining is made of wonderful leather, and the handwritten logo and “fatte a mano” are both iconic which I cannot recognize the word before Santoni.


As a newbie in dress shoe community, I was attracted by the grey colour and fame of Santoni, sadly, both are not guarantee of wearing them frequently.