My Shoe Collection, Traveler Loafer from Grant Stone

As this pair has been closed reviewed in this unboxing article, in this one, I only talk about is fit, how to wear it and care.


One thing is really important for potential Asian shoe lovers, the instep is super low.

I scare of wearing new shoes, as the Break In process makes me trembling. My little toe of left foot is always the one takes most pain. Bleeding on the heel is nothing new as well. But no pair gives more pain than this one.

About fit of loafers, two aspects guarantee you are wearing a pair of dress shoes, not slippers. Length and height of instep. When the instep presses your foot instep and your heel sit well into the cup of shoe heel, you know you have good fit, as least not loose fit.

The low instep of this pair hurt my bone, yes, bone, which means even I am barefoot, foot instep hurts.

Wyatt Gilmore, founder of Grant Stone thinks most people wear shoes too narrow and they either don’t know this fact or just take the pain. So even this pair marks width D, I feel it is actually EE.


Crust Kudu leather is in a light shade and supposed to match sunny summer. But my trial out did not work out very well.

I love wear light colour trousers, such as white or oatmeal, which is very universal and not picky about shoes. When paired with this pair, colour is not an issue, but the last is too round so not very exquisite for this pair of casually elegant trousers.

Then, I tried another direction with earthy tone shorts, the combination grew a little better, but this pair of loafers seem not suitable for barefoot.

Even in this shadow, the tough feeling does not lie.


Right pair is conditioned, left untreated. Kudu leather absorbs oil quite quickly and the grey colour turned to a little yellow. This oily feeling is a good indicator of workwear.

Kudu leather has very coarse creases but so harmony on this pair of workwear like loafers.

Little Fun

When I cleaned shoe box, I found a small line bag, what is inside? So small and relevant to shoes?

Bottle opener? Why? Look carefully! Oh dear, this is a shoehorn! But do you mind about the smell?


For those who are interested in buying Grant Stone, low instep is a very important consideration.

Outfit wise, I am afraid that traveler loafer best suits jeans.

Overall, Grant Stone is a wonderful brand, well established.