Review of Sanders Shoes

This pair is not my own shoes, but shared by a reader and he asked for a review of the quality of his pair.

Sanders is also from the centre of shoemaking in the world, Northampton, UK. As a traditional shoemaker with heritage, Sanders is not widely discussed in dress shoe community but still leads a great life, why? Because its target is workwear hobbyists, and mostly from Japan. There is a Military collection exclusively offered to Asia, and this pair is one of them.

Let us have a look.


Navy shoe box can never be wrong, and the sticker is full on the side. Shoe model name is Military Derby Shoes, leather is Burgundy Polishing Leather. Polishing Leather is another name of bookbinder. Model number 1128R, R normally stands for rubber sole. Size UK 6.5.

A flannel like cloth with golden logo.

Because the shoes have been worn, I am not sure whether brand new could have something else such as shoe bags and so on.


Not so familiar with Sanders lasts, and this one is truly round and only suitable for workwear or country shoes.


A five eyelet derby with cap toe, nothing too dramatic, however, one design element pushes the rough feeling far beyond.

The distant and parallel three threads on cap toe and derby ear make the “stupid” or you can call it rough feeling much more prominent. It is a style choice and I have no inclination.


Bookbinder is sought after for its high shine and no need for care. Why do people like shining shoes? I have no idea.

If without the fine creases, it will be mistaken for shell cordovan.

Bookbinder is a kind of corrected grain leather. Theoretically, no one will correct fine and great leather, so corrected leather is bad leather from the raw substrate perspective. Another angle does not say it is good as well, durability.

This spot is where shoe lace wears frequently, and the top layer peeled off. The grinded substrate is revealed.

Except professional and harsh repair, no one can fix this comparing with calf, some shoe cream can have it done.

Some say I never expect wearing a pair of shoes too many years, never mind. Great.


360度固特异缝制。在很多乡村款式的鞋上,能看到缝线是一整圈的,尤其是配上暴风缝。但是在普通鞋款上,就Allen Edmonds喜欢标榜自己用这个。我也不太清楚这个和270度相比的优劣在哪里。












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