Model Archive – Santoni

I think this episode may never finishes, the reason is almost every Italian shoe brand released too many models which are beautiful, ugly, super ugly and shit.

Many old shoe lovers heard three TONIs, Santoni, a.testoni and Bontoni. Among the three, Santoni is most famous and entered China market quite early, then sadly and quietly withdrew.

Santoni is actually a successful Italian brand in a sense, from quality shoemaker to fashionable designer house, I even wonder whether it is suitable to summarize its models.

Anyway, let me show the respect to its glamorous history and record some of its models.


If you have put your hands on Santoni shoes, you definitely know they can make shoes, no matter the craftsmanship, the leather and the details all are great, but as a brand, it cares nothing about shoe lovers’ comment, I am a designer house, you guys just get lost. Fine.

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  1. 我自己有三双,两双Fatte A Mano线,一双固特异线。我觉得皮质绝对没话说,我自己的款式,也没有离经叛道,其实鞋子没什么问题,但是虚高,这个不行。

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