SLIMSHOES at the first China Trunk Show

SLIMSHOES is a quite new brand which is based in Chengdu, the most prosperous city in Southwest China, Chengdu.

Personally I own one pair of Double Monk from SLIMSHOES and two points are very impressive.

One is the last, not aggressive, not exaggerated, classic, fit to Chinese (wide foot) but still slim, it achieve the brand name to its thoroughness.

Two is the comfort. Every brand claims its shoes have great comfort, but my real life experience tell me otherwise, SLIMSHOES offers the best forefoot touch among all shoes I own.

At the first China Trunk Show, SLIMSHOES also exerted itself to the extreme, participate in each sections and all achieved wonderful outcome.

SLIMSHOES was founder by three shoe lovers, two of them attended this Trunk Show, one is Kunta in dove gray, the other one is Fu Jie in brown (right) who was interviewed by me.

Kunta has a nickname Chengdu Windsor, I think he must have mistaken Windsor’s style for something else or the one who calls him Windsor has an eccentric humor.

We are free to doubt his style relevance but his professional understanding shoes are doubtless. He was explaining the Austerity Brogue with Red wine patina to a visitor.

The other visitor was examining the outsole which suggests he is one in the know.

Almost every pair they brought to the Trunk Show is extremely attractive, but this red crocodile loafer became the focal point without any runner ups. So eye catching, so breath taking. And this last is a blend of aggressive George Cleverly and conservative John Lobb London.

For the first Shoe Shining Competition, SLIMSHOES sponsored the prize for the champion with a free pair of SLIMSHOES.

A very young contester from Beijing won the prize.

And for the first Shoemaking  Championship, SLIMSHOES also presented a participating shoe which took the third prize judged by Masaru Okuyama, Daniel Wegan and Roberto Ugolini.

The shoe was made by its production director Zeng Jie, but he was too busy in the workshop, so the founder Fu Jie helped to accept this award.

I think when this pandemic period passes, SLIMSHOES will be closer to European and American shoe lovers with more online and practical presence.