How Different Shell Cordovan Leathers Age

I was very into shell cordovan long time ago as if Goodyear shoes can accompany you for a long time, shell cordovan shoes can last your entire life if not your descendant’s’. After I owned several pairs, shell cordovan lost its glamour. It is not because the durability disappeared, but I don’t care durability that


大多数皮鞋品牌的里衬上,都有这双鞋的绝大部分信息,从尺码,到款式名称或编号,到楦型,再到生产日期,基本都放在这里。但是除了尺码,名称和楦型,其他信息消费者想要解读,几乎不可能。就算是名称,很多也是不写的,或者就来个代码。这个代码其实是工厂用来对应品牌和型号的,他们也没想着给消费者看,但看到了,不懂,总是挠得人心痒痒不是,因为很多大神就自己总结。比如前面看过J.M.Weston的编号如何解读。但这样的信息还是太少,比如Crockett & Jones的那么一长串,就无人可解。 今天,我们再来看一家喜欢用编号的品牌,Alden。 Post Views: 317

My Shoe Collection, Shell Cordovan 2076 Short Wing Blucher from Alden

Not only one people talked that if you want to buy a pair of shell cordovan, the leather must be from Horween, and the shoes Alden. Non-Alden is no shell shoes. Luckily, I own one pair of Alden Shell Cordovan Short Wing Blucher, serial number 2076. I am certainly curious to know then what are