My Shoe Collection, Sahara 3 from Church’s

The desert boots are the second pair of boots for men right after Chelsea boots. Under today’s wave of casualization, the more relaxed desert boots are more suitable for overall outfits, and the shoes themselves will not give people the delicate and sharp feeling of Chelsea when viewed separately. The originator of desert boots, Desert

Carlos Santos的Chukka

这是一位客户看到我是Carlos Santos的代理,于是问我有没有Chukka款式。 其实我店里Carlos Santos的款式很少,给大家解释一下原因,最主要的,还是我以个人偏好挑选了一些款式。然后,资金也是非常重要的方面。鞋子不同的尺码,肯定得铺上,款式,颜色这些一交叉组合,量是很大的。压进去的资金,短期又不可能收回,我相对还是比较保守。 Post Views: 1,647