An Interview with Kenjiro Kawashima

Kenjiro Kawashima is the third place in 2022 shoemaking championship and many shoe enthusiasts know his name long before this contest as he worked with famed bespoke shoemaker Norman Vilalta for some time. Not many know that a big portion of astonishing and breath taking shoes presented by NormanVilalta was designed by Mr. Kawashima. We


这里的感受,就是一些体会,包括美学和脚感的。本文也不是测评,没有道理对半成品中间态的东西进行测评。 片冈是日本新锐定制鞋店,其实是两个鞋匠,看起来都别年轻,我约他家的专访,没有答应我。 其中主创人员被图王尊称为美男子,号称是工艺控的终点站。 Post Views: 433