My Shoe Collection, StefanoBi

I have introduced this brand, which was founded by Stefano Branchini then sold to LVMH group to make Louis Vuitton and Berluti shoes. For some period, StefanoBi brand existed while the factory made shoes for the other two. Style wise StefanoBi is very close to Berluti, great patina with daring design. Post Views: 1,938


LV这个品牌,可以说无人不知无人不晓,算得上是奢侈品里面的天花板品牌了。LVMH,是LV的母公司,不关心时尚行业的人,知道的不算多。Bernard Arnault,LVMH的CEO,也是实际控制人,目前世界第三首富,又有不少人知道,因为这个头衔。 Post Views: 1,113