My Shoe Collection, 10995 from Magnanni

Which Spanish shoe brand has the biggest market share globally? The answer is not Carmina or Meermin, but Magnanni. Magnanni never intents to plow in niche market and defines itself a fashion house. It sells in many grand department stores around the world. Although it is a fashion brand, it differentiates itself with quality. Lasts

My Shoe Collection, 106 from Saint Crispin’s

The best representee of Austrian shoemaking, at least in Ready To Wear. There are several world famous bespoke shoemakers in Austria, such as Maftei, Materna and the Austrian John Lobb, Scheer Schone & Co. Speaking about Ready To Wear, actually Ludwig Reiter is more known to local people, however Saint Crispin’s built its reputation globally.

我的鞋之Church’s Sahara 3

沙漠靴,是排在切尔西靴之后男人的第二双靴子的选择,虽然这句话并不一定对。因为在当今休闲化的浪潮下,沙漠靴的更松垮的状态,反而更适合整体服装搭配,而鞋子本身单独看的时候,也不会给人切尔西那种精致,犀利的感觉。 沙漠靴的鼻祖,其乐的Desert Boots,是原教旨主义者们非常好的选择,而且价格也合理。 这双Church’s Sahara 3可以算是非常完整的复刻了。 Post Views: 236

My Shoe Collection, Saint Crepin 2010 from John Lobb

Saint Crepin is the annual limited collection of John Lobb Paris to memorize the god of shoemaking. This limited collection is built on Prestige collection, I mean the basic construction and details are the same while Saint Crepin implements even more advanced techniques to show off its mastery in shoemaking. Post Views: 1,598

My Shoe Collection, Sinatra from Gaziano & Girling

Sinatra is one of the most popular models offered by Gaziano & Girling, but I read most apprecaite Sinatra for its iconic small square toe last TG73, not for its Wholecut pattern. This may be a compliment for Tony Gaziano’s unmatchable talent of making last. Let us check my pair. Post Views: 1,629