Unboxing Black Onepiece from Maftei

Maftei, a bespoke shoemaker in Vienna, Austria, has been open for almost half a century and has quite a few customers in Austria Germany and Nordic region. What really made it gain world fame was Shoegazing, Jesper Ingevaldsson commissioned its signature style, a seamless wholecut Oxford. Pink is an extremely rare colour in dress shoes,

Unboxing Onepiece Jesper from Maftei

Where did you first hear about Maftei shoes? Or if you search Maftei, what will you see? That’s right, one of the world’s two best dress shoe bloggers, Jesper Ingevaldsson, commissioned one pair of bespoke shoes to Mr. Maftei. The shoe was also praised by another great blogger, Justin FitzPatrick. What kind of shoes are

Unboxing Side Laced Seamless Wholecut Kafka from Maftei

I recently read Hugo Jacomet’s new book, Shoes: The Art of Male Footwear, which includes a chapter on Maftei. I am completely surrounded by Maftei shoes in my room, occasionally glanced at it, or picked it up and played with interest, and I assure that this old gentleman’s work is worthy of praise. Post Views: