Unboxing 4391 from Carlos Santos Handcrafted Collection

Carlos Santos has four collection, Blake construction for Green collection, open channel Goodyear welted construction for mainline, Golden painted close channel Goodyear for Handgrade collection and its top collection, Handcrafted.

Carlos Santos makes private label for many brands, such as English shoe shop Herring, the most famous online shoe shop, Skoaktiebolaget in Sweden also teamed up with Carlos Santos. All these experiences make Carlos Santos know what customers appreciate, and it puts everything into its top collection, Handcrafted.

Let us have a look.


The best shoe box except wooden ones. Everyone is amazed by the luxury feeling!

The texture is so artful and exquisite.

Side sticker is alike other collections. Model number 4391, leather is crust and patina Chocolate. Construction CS1 means Handcrafted construction. Last 462, size UK5.

Foam on both sides is the same as Gaziano & Girling. Shoe horn is still plastic which is not an extra point. Shoe bags have a different colour and fabric.


Last 462 reminds me deco square last from Gaziano & Girling. The very aggressive and elongated toe shape is so welcome.


Adelaide oxford.

Vamp area is quite small or should I say short, the reason?

It has 6 pairs of eyelets which manifests this oxford has a French origin.


Strongly bevelled waist and double coloured sole.

Beveled waist is more and more popular and maybe we can use the word ordinary. Carlos Santos Handgrade has the most apparent round waist, which makes me very curious about how it is achieved.

Profile view released the answer that the waist is Blake stitched.

Does it mean the highest craftsmanship lies on this exaggerated waist? The answer is no.

It is the welt with hidden stitches.

Handcrafted use the same technique as John Lobb Prestige collection, cut the welt from the middle, stitch then put the split up welt back to cover the stitches.


I name this model Deco, as it is too like Deco collection from Gaziano & Girling.

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  1. 其實這種鞋本來就不是粗穿的, 所以犧牲一點結構強度換外觀更纖細還算ok

    1. 嗯,工艺现在都不是实用性的短板了,但看惯了真的手工沿条的琴底,这个就一般了

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