Unboxing Adelaide Oxford Sunnyside from J.Fitzpatrick

Sunnyside from J.FitzPatrick is one of the best good looking Adelaide oxfords in the world for its subtle pattern originality and unique gold museum leather.

Let us have a look.


This watermelon red shoe box is modern, vivid and well received.

Information is very complete, model name Sunnyside, Last TMG, gold museum calf, size UK5 and width E.

Complimentary flat shoelace with thick cotton shoe bag in the same watermelon red colour.


TMG is the contemporary round last drafted by master lastmaker Tony Gaziano (The founder of Gaziano & Girling) and tweaked by Justin FitzPatrick. I feel it is a half-half combination of English and Italian aesthetics.


Adelaide is famous for its U shape throat around the lace and the shape of this U is the difference.

Sunnyside is unique for its design just as every model of J.FitzPatrick is never confined to mature and common design. Firstly the brogue extends to the heel not like most stopping at the opening of shoes.

More subtle but I like most is the U shape is imitation rather than usual connection of uppers.


Gold museum is very rare and in fact is a blend of red and light brown. Under the sun, the gold fades out.


J.FitzPatrick always tries to match sole colour with the upper, but the colour of sole is not as many as upper so this pair matches loosely. The channel is very obvious which is not good looking.


The reason I love this pair most is that it innovates in the conservativeness and beams elegance. Gold museum is so attractive but not easy to handle.

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