Unboxing Chukka Boots 7991 Charlie from Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos has a very large catalog for all kinds of shoes and boots, however, they have two boots with the best popularity in the world, one is Chelsea boots 7902 Kent, the other is today’s hero, Chukka boots 7991 Charlies. Let us have a look at it.


Shoe box is more square than regular box which indicates they are boots.

Information on the sticker, 7991 is the model number for Charlie, colour is Guimaraes patina, Goodyear construction, last 401 and size UK6.


Last 401 is one of a few iconic and core lasts from Carlos Santos. I have seen it on a cap toe oxford, and it is too long for me, however on this plain toe chukka boot, I feel it is gorgeous.

From this angle, last 401 has a feeling of Pullman last from Corthay except the sides are not cut straight.


Three eyelets Chukka boots.

The design element of Charlie is the sharp corner of the ears. Carlos Santos is very fond of sharp and aggressive details in the pattern.


Guimaraes is a brown in the middle of orange brown Braga and dark brown Coimbra.


Beautiful last hosts a sharp pattern, Charlie is best seller for a good reason.

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