Unboxing City Mountain Boot Colville from J.FitzPatrick

Justin FitzPatrick, the founder and designer is very proud of this model, which is a combination of city boots elements such as dressy lasts and sleek sole with mountain boots. The concept is a mix of elegance and roughness. J.FitzPatrick is really good at put two extreme ends together, such as the old money butterfly with lovely colour clash.

Let us have a look at this pair.


Red represents passion, in the field of classic menswear, everyone talks about soberness, J. FitzPatrick is indeed an alternative.

Shoe model Colville, last TMG, F wide, black Scotch Grain leather. Size UK5.

The logo was updated and the colour of shoe bag is more saturated.


TMG last has been seen many times, it has a British small round toe. The English small round toe is distinguished from the Italian small round toe, that is, the English one is not elongated. F width gievs a very fully room in forefoot.


This shoe made me remember at first glance, it was nothing but the high-top lap, which is super sporty! It feels like a tie here, no matter how you exercise, the shoes can’t fall off. This fusion of leather shoes and sneakers, playing well is the brand strength.

If you look closely, the lines on the sides are also very exquisitely arranged. J. Fitz Patrick’s shoes are indeed very well designed!


With such a sports boot, this craft is simply bespoke level. In fact, whether it is stitch density or fudge, it has not changed in different shoe models, but on this pair of shoes, it has become a dimensionality reduction blow.


I have an article dedicated to Du Puy’s Scotch Grain, which is a very rough, hard-beating leather that can cope with bad weather. You can see how visible the pores are. Although this large texture is pressed up, the leather itself is not embellished.


This sole is called Commando sole. I saw J.M. LeGazel actually stitches this sole with Blake construction which it’s crazy. Normally, this layer is glued. The rough feeling is full.


Justin once again handed over the exclusive answer sheet on the market, and I like differentiation from the bottom of my heart.