Unboxing Court Loafer Bothell from J.FitzPatrick

Loafers were deemed too casual by me and now they are my workhorse in almost every season, man is really capricious. From common to rare in the market, the order is: Penny Loafer, Tassel Loafer, Butterfly Loafer, Kiltie Loafer and Court Slipper. Frankly, I suspect even many shoe enthusiasts know more than the first two, and the last one is even rarer today as it is too elegant to don on the street. J.FitzPatrick disagrees. Bothell is its fight back to make court loafer great again.


Iconic watermelon red shoe box. In classic dress shoe field, such shining and saturated colour is quite dangerous and daring, however Justin make it acceptable and even appreciated.

Sticker on the side tells all information you need to know, and maybe some you don’t. Model name Bothell, Last TMG. Leather is plum museum calf paired with burgundy suede. Size UK 6, width E, the standard width.

As the opening of this shoe box is like a drawer, the hole on the side is for pulling off.

Comparing to most brands, the packaging of J.FitzPatrick is the simplest without print papers, stuffing fillers or maybe pamphlet. Then how does it achieve the function of protecting shoes? Easy, make the shoe bag thicker and heavier.


TMG is the first last of J.FitzPatrick, and most mainstream small round toe. But you can tell from the top view, it is narrow and somehow sharp. I also have EE width of TMG last, I should check whether it makes sharper or more blunt.


A pair of red slipper is the description I gave. I guess they may be the most formal slippers in your life.

You can call it slipper or opera pump, depending on your environment and thorough outfit.

This pair is so unique for three aspects:

Colour combination, plum museum and burgundy calf, both deep dark while bright under the sun.

Tow piece splicing, Balmoral brogue line circled suede upper, this design is so new that I don’t remember I see any even bespoke shoes.

Medallion, I always feel medallion is where most shoemakers don’t pay enough attention to, because medallion can host very bold and extravagant design safely. No matter how absurd the medallion is, this pair of shoes are still classic dress shoes. This pair’s medallion is classical.


The fudge at the edge of welt is mainstream level.

Piping on loafer opening is a great element both for aesthetics and comfort.

Out Sole

I don’t thin logo on forefoot is a good design because one time wear can wipe it off. Sole was painted to mimic upper leather which is the characteristic of J.FitzPatrick. The nails are not neatly hammered.


I have owned this pair for more than one year but not a single time they were worn by me, why? They are not easy to hold.