Unboxing Kennewick from J.FitzPatrick

J.FitzPatrick is never a boring brand, no matter who is copying who, J.FitzPatrick never participates this game. Originality is the ACE of this brand, of its founder Justin FitzPatrick. Kennewick is a relatively new model among J.FitzPatrick offerings and it is so antique that I fell in love with.

Let us have a look.


Watermelon colour shoe box.

Model name Kennewick. last TMG-F, F for wider, black calf, size UK 5F. The three corresponding sizes are a great reference.

Drawer like shoe box is not very common on the market. Logo on shoe bags changes to a bolder line and more artful font.


TMG is the first and most loved last of J.FitzPatrick. There is one thing I cannot figure out why Justin can use one last for laced up, loafer and boots.

I feel loafer last does not look great without putting on as the shoe upper collapses a bit.


This is a pair of butterfly loafer which is already quite rare, but the full brogue makes it much more vintage or antique.

Brogue is the element of country, but when the leisure class enforced bespoke shoemakers to combine this with the inhouse slipper, you know how boring they were.


Stitch density and fudge fineness are both good. Even though J.FitzPatrick does not compete for its value but design, the construction is still a good buy.

Out Sole

The smaill improvement on the sole edge which is rounded. Sole colour matches upper colour is the signature of J.FitzPatrick. Except a logo on the forefoot, no information at all.

Strongly pitched heel, personally I feel the angle is too aggressive and screaming for attention which does not resonate with the concept of classic menswear.


All information is stamped on the lining. But meaningful to customers is name, size and last.

Logo on sock lining changes as well, the square and fonts are both finer than before.


Why do you choose J.FitzPatrick over other brands? Because it offers unique models!