Unboxing Pei from Maftei

Pei is my name and this model is named by me. Maftei is a purely bespoke shoemaker and it has no model name at all, but when I introduced this shoemaking to Chinese shoe aficionados, name is important as they can memorize the model. More interestingly the last was also named Pei, so this model is Pei sitting on last Pei.


Black paper shoe box with a sticker logo, I don’t feel the shoe box matches the luxury feeling of Maftei shoes, even this pair is not bespoke.

A sticker on the side writes the concise information, Monk Single Strap, colour is black, size UK5. Alexandru Maftei is the founder of Maftei.

There is a complimentary belt made with the same leather of the shoes.

The shoe bags are very unique as they are made of suede! I believe this is unheard of when most shoe bags are made of cotton even polyester.


Pei last actually has the number 775, which is the most Austrian last in my eye, square round toe with slight elongation, wonderful outer curve. Impeccable.


Double monk is more usual than single monk, and wingtip monk with medallion is not widely seen as well. After seeing a lot of Maftei shoes sitting on Pei last, I feel wingtip with medallion is the best combination as it softens the high rise toe shape.


This pair is Twood pegged, the most traditional construction in Austria. Two lines of wood nails at the waist is more decorative than functional.

Bevelled waist and the bottom is quite close to ground.

The extrusion is strong as the heel is not low but the waist almost touches ground.

Lasted Shoe Tree

Each brand has its own signature shoe tree, and Maftei is not an exception. When one sees the shoe tree, he knows it is Maftei.


Unique model from a good hand.