Unboxing Seamless Tassel Loafer Lukas from Maftei

Tassel loafers can be found from any shoemaker or brand, what makes Maftei’s good? I think it still gravitates to its iconic seamless upper. Lukas is named after the actor who firstly entrusted Alden to develop the first tassel loafer in the world.


Black textured shoe box with an oval shape sticker hosting the logo. The shoe box and its material are not bad, but to endure international ship, I feel it is not strong enough.

Brown shoe bags made of cashmere fabric which is so luxury and exclusive on the market.


This loafer last is a new one drafted by Maftei for one of its bespoke clients. The proportion and round toe with slight square shape are amazing.


The apron design is quite similar to Corniche from Gaziano & Girling.

The apron was executed on the whole piece of upper, not stitched by two pieces of leather.

There are two differences besides the shared method of apron formation.

One, Lukas is more traditional with the strap running through heel while Corniche’s stops at the tongue.

The other is of course the seamless pattern which is so rare and even signature of Maftei.

Technically, seamless upper is much harder than upper with seams, but the end result is not so different, only the discerning customers can appreciate.


Wood pegging construction is the traditional and exclusive method popular only in Austria. The waist is slightly beveled which is very English. The logo sits on one side of the waist.


Not too eye catchy on the first sight, but a very pleasant pair of shoes to own and wear.