Unboxing Whole Chelsea Boots Blaine from Sons of Henrey

Belgian brand Sons of Henrey offers very limited models, but each of them is the classic of classics. If I don’t remember wrong, Sons of Henrey only has two boots, one is Chelsea and the other Field boots like Edward Green Galway.

Let us have a look at this pair.


Navy shoe box leaning on the stone.

The information on the sticker is almost unreadable for Comsumers, however, one piece is very useful, that Novonapa Delapre is how Haas calls its Utah leather, maybe it is French. Ebony is the colour.

Grey flannel shoe bag, colour and touch are both good.


Almond last from Sons of Henrey is actually a mimic of last 82 from Edward Green. You can tell the toe is small and a little feeling of elongation but not really.


Chelsea boots. Just this? Well, how can Chelsea boots innovate? This is a good question, but this one focus on craftsmanship firstly.

Most Chelsea boots has a seam under the elastic band. This one is wholecut, which means the seam does not exist.

The only seam is at the heel.

To be honest, this design does not affect the cleanliness of Chelsea boots so much as whole cut oxford.

To answer the aforementioned question, what innovation can Chelsea have? Even I have seen so many shoes, the answer is not too many.

The colourful band from Saint Crispin’s is very lovely.

Antonio Meccariello makes the band the same as lazyman.

Both great tryings.


Utah leather needs big space to extent and the beauty magnifies.


Great stitch density and clean fudge on the welt, I don’t think we can pick up anything off it, especially on this price point.

Out Sole

City rubber sole, not very elegant, but functional.


I Wholecut Chelsea boots made of Utah leather, sitting on Almond last. How do you like it.