Wholecuts from Carlos Santos

As the most traditional and conservative shoes, oxford has a relatively new model which was invented by Berluti, Wholecut. Wholecut is appreciated for its cleanliness and somehow fashion feeling.

When I glance the archive of Carlos Santos, I found this seemingly no pattern model can still be playful, let us have a look together.

6903 Francis

Most wholecuts still follow the French sharply elegant style, while Carlos Santos best seller actually sits on a round English toe.

6093 Francis with patina Coimbra and Alentejo

The same model is also found on a more contemporary Almond last.

Then we can check how Carlos Santos plays on this impossible model.


Decrease conventional five eyelets to three which elevates the fashion feeling steeply.


This one is the same with 3 eyelets, but there is imitation quarter and storm welt, both are the first time I see on this model.


This is wholecut boots which is not widely seen as well. And three eyelets are also on.

Carlos Santos is famous for its city name patina, however, the design is also very innovative and original.