Model Archive – Yearn Shoemaker

Yearn Shoemaker is more known in China with the name SLIMSHOES.

I found they just launched their official website which is very exquisite. look here:

I slandered SLIMSHOES has not model name for there shoes, while Yearn Shoemaker has clear model number which is good, price at 419 USD.

There are 5 lasts with thorough introduction.

Let us review its models.

OXF. 221
OXF. 334
OXF. 571
OXF. 713

OXF. 593

OXF. 583
OXF. 215

OXF. 526

OXF. 338

OXF. 792

OXF. 768

OXF. 719

MON. 723

LOF. 814

BTS. 211

BTS. 227


Yearn Shoemaker has the most aggressive lasts among Chinese shoe brands. Its comfortability of the forefoot is the best in my experience.

Good signature style with comfortability, I am eager to see how its potential explodes!