Shoes and Dick Presenting

This is another great work after Shoes say something about Dick. Absolutely original.

Personally, I dislike sharp and elongated toe very much, you can say aesthetics is subjective, however, in essence, it relates to personality.

I am a very aggressive man, and I know it is not a good thing especially in social interaction. So I want to express a more approachable and mild attitude to people around with intentional clothes, shoes as the most significant one. Conservative is perferred, namely the classic round.

If shoe toe tells a lot of personality, what are the feelings of wearing different shapes?

My answer is body gesture.

When I wear classic round, such as last 8000 from John Lobb, I feel my gesture is like this:

Highly raised, Energetic and not overly expressed.

When I wear a pair of Italian shoes, I feel I stand like this:

Push the bottom forward and let the dick point out.

What is the psychology who wants to stand in this gesture?

When I wear sharp and elongated shoes, I would like not to show the picture but let you to think in mind that I stand like above just in erection condition.

How awkward is that!

When I wear American blunt round, I feel:

More relaxed and accessible than wearing English classic round.


This is Chapter 2 in SHOE PSYCHOLOGY and I will develop this theory continuously.

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