About FU Pei(付沛)


I work in Automotive industry for most of my career, previously in Ford Motor Company as chassis material engineer and now Steel Expert in Sogefi, an Italian company making suspension spring which makes vehicles more comfortable to sit in. I majored material science and engineering in Tongji University in Shanghai.

Classic Menswear Enthusiast

If I was not, I wouldn’t be here and this blog simple did not exist. The reason I entered this community is I wanted to be peacock, and gradually I became the most understated dresser in the community and most formal dresser in outsider’s eyes.

Menswear Business Owner

I have a webshop selling dress shoes from middle range to highest, including J.FitzPatrick, Sons of Henrey, Carlos Santos and Maftei. Those shoes are also displayed in bespoke tailoring houses in Shanghai and Nanjing. I own another store selling leather care products and the brands I officially distribute in China include Leather Honey, Leather Milk, C.A.Zoes and Abbeyhorn. Clothing is not left out and I am entitled to resell some super luxury brands in China.

Seasoned Investor

When I say seasoned, I mean much failed, I have been swiped out from speculative markets such as Forex and Future for 5 times. Each time I lost all my fund and started again. Now I invest in stock market where is a much gentler place. Win rate is super high.