Model Archive – Cavour

Arguable the best classic menswear boutique in Norway, if not the whole Nordic region. Besides the super high end brands it carries, private label is also present.

This kind of practice is not uncommon, the boutique tracks the best seller and find production line to copy the design to boost its own profitability. But there is a deeper meaning of private label, the scalability, if United Arrows or Beams has no private label products, can they be so predominant today?

I can understand the logic, but won’t choose this path as it kicks away the partner. Cooperation should bring benefits to both in long term.

Cavour has full coverage from suits to shoes, we can firstly review its shoes offerings.

Price is around 340 to 380 USD with Goodyear construction, made in Spain.

Cap Toe Soft Chisel
Double Monk Soft Chisel
Patent Plain Toe Soft Chisel
Punched Cap Toe Soft Chisel
Suede Cap Toe Soft Chisel
Utah Penny Loafer Almond 2


The name of each model is just a description of the shoes, and two lasts, one soft chisel, the other Almond.

This naming rule expresses the thought that shoes are just an element in the whole outfit, no need too much consideration.

Shoes are very classic but very Spanish, it is not bad, but no significance.