Which Model of Edward Green Does This Pair of Sons of Henrey Copy?

Speaking of the Belgian brand Sons of Henrey, everyone knows that it is the tightest entry-level brand following (copying) Edward Green.

Edward Green is so sought after and its models have been copied by so many, such as the cap toe Oxford with swan neck elements.

When it comes to plagiarism, the number immediately declines exponentially. Swedish brand Lof & Tung is a good one. Sons of Henrey goes to the extreme as it let the original lastmaker Springline produce another edition of Edward Green classic lasts, 202, 606, 184 and 82.

Sons of Henrey is the king in this game for another reason, maybe the most important one.

It uses the same leather as Edward Green.

You should know that Edward Green uses reverse suede Zonta’s Castorio and HAAS’s Nevada calfskin based on his price point and profit margin. If you have an entry-level price, you simply has no ground to play this game.

For example, this pair of Harvey is a copy of Berkeley. The leather uses the Dark Oak from HAAS Nevada, and Mrs. Hillary (the current helm of Edward Green) will bulge when she sees it!

So which pair of William (Sons of Henrey) is plagiarising?

I believe only super fans of Edward Green can tell, and the answer is Shoreditch.

This pair of William uses Castorio from Italian tannery Zonta which is the same choice of Edward Green.

If you want a formal match, you can go for gray flannel trousers, and chinos and all types of jeans are good for casual match.