Unboxing Unlined Piccadilly from Edward Green

Edward Green is the last destination for many dress shoe lovers, mainly because of two points, one, the conservative last and “boring” upper pattern, and second, the high-quality leather. Based on this feature, Edward Green’s Cap Toe Oxford, Chelsea has always topped the list. As for Dover, Galway and the like are just new celebrities.

Unboxing Black Cap Toe Oxford Harvey from Sons of Henrey

The reason that I had interested in Sons of Henrey then is just as that everyone would be interested in it today, it mimics Edward Green. The brand can never officially admit this, but any shoe aficionado can tell so by only looking at a few pairs. Combined with what he did, developing lasts in

Unboxing Iconic Loafer Piccadilly from Edward Green

Edward Green’s most well-known and sought-after models are Galway, Dover and Chelsea, which are boots, Derby and Oxford respectively. What about loafer? There are three candidates, Piccadilly, Belgravia and Duke. where Duke is relatively rare or buried in the dust of history and only recently resurrected. So, the winner will have to come from Piccadilly