2021 Thanksgiving Gift from Mattina

On Thanksgiving day, I came back from business trip quite late and found a parcel with Mattian branded tape on. I don’t remember I bought one.

Unwrapped the parcel and I found a postcard which is very touching as this is the yearly gift from Mattina just as the one in 2020, Respighi-S made of peccary leather.

Mattina shoes have been unboxed by me for many times and other KOLs are not shy on this activity at all, so too see the details or craftsmanship is pointless, we just have a look at these beautiful shoes for pleasure.

Tiny logo in the center.

My name is handwritten on the side sticker, Elgar is my favorite model from Mattina, however H last is not so in my type. Size 38, Vegano is another famous collection alongside Vocaulo from French tannery Annonay which is a step above as it is full aniline dyed.

This card is what makes this pair unique and moving. In utilitarians‘ eyes, this is just another marketing gimmick, however, after so many times communication with people from Mattina, I know their sincere gratitude to all the people who have helped Mattina. Even I learned a lot from them about being a good person.

More than 90% people working in this industry are staying for love, not profit.

On the back of the card, it is the booth of Mattina in 2021 China Trunk Show. Middle one is the ceremony in Vibram Center in Guangzhou.

Now, it is shoes show.

H last stands for Harmony, which is the elongated version of N last.